Karen provides a fresh source of inspiration for members of, and visitors to, your school, organisaton and events.  

Her powerful testimony combined with up-to-date research, encourage us to look at issues in a refreshing and supportive, yet challenging way.

When you invite Karen to speak at you will be inspired to look afresh at others in the community - whether they be abused, depressed, socially disadvantaged; to reach out to them in love.

Those who are going through difficult times will be encouraged to seek help for comfort and strength when they hear Karen’s stories of healing, through surgery and counselling.

 Karen would love to have a chat with you about how she can share her stories in a unique way which matches up with your organisation's needs.  Karen adapts her story to fit in neatly to that area of focus.  

Karen is  available to speak at functions such as retreats, women's events, seniors' groups, conferences and social events.  Karen also visits retirement villages.  

Karen is  a singer and songwriter and, if desired, can use music to enhance her talk.


To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s some feedback from previous events:


'Karen's story helps to reflect on the care and concern that we have for the ‘other’.  Because her experience is so down to earth it reminds us that, from teachers to technicians, we all have a role to play.'

Brian Holden - Brighton


'You have a powerful story that will touch the heart of a lot of people in need of hope. A number of people have told me how moved they were . Others have told me they were in tears.'

Steve Rose - Chelsea